Do you want to read articles and news on websites which are published in English. If the website does not provide option to convert or translate the webpage to your language (say Hindi) then it is difficult for Non-English speaking person to follow the news or articles on such websites.

But no need to worry now. Google Chrome provides the feature where you can translate the whole English website into your language (say Hindi). Follow the below steps to translate English website into Hindi.


Steps to Translate English to Hindi:

1. Open Google Chrome Brower

2. By default it opens in English.

3. Click on Top right corner option – ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’. The icon is highlighted in RED in below screen.

4. Click on Settings from the drop list.

5. Scroll down and click on ‘Show advanced settings’

6. Click on Languages and input settings-

7. Click Add button to Add Hindi.

8. Then highlight ‘Hindi’ language and click on ‘Display Google Chrome in this Language’

9. Click Done

10. Close Google Chrome and open it again.

11. Open the website which you want to translate.

12. On the header Google Chrome will provide option to translate the website.

13. Click the translate and read through the news or article.

After translation ‘’ and this article will show up like this-


On Similar lines you can convert Hindi Website like ‘Jagranjunction‘ into English as shown below-

Original Hindi site:

Converted to English:



Note: This is software translation so it will definitely not be 100% correct conversion.