You can host your website on Google Drive. It allows to publish a directory as website. You can save your static Web content sch as HTML, CSS, image files in publicly shared folders and Google Drive will directly serve those pages as web pages to users. Google drive also support client-side scripting language such as Javascript.

Steps to Deploy your Website on Google Drive:

1. Create Google Account – it will include Drive.

2. Login to Google Drive and download ‘Google Drive for PC’. This utility will keep the Google files and folder in sync with folders/files on your PC.

2. Now create your website using Text Editor/HTML Editor (Dreamweaver or FrontPage).

3. Copy the Folder containing all the HTML, CSS, image files into Google drive folder on your PC.

4. The folder will be synced immediately with Google Drive.

5. Right Click on the Folder on your PC–>Select Google Drive—>Share.

6. Provide access to “Public on the Web”.


7. Again Right Click on the Folder on your PC–>Select Google Drive—>View on the Web.

8. Copy the URL from the newly opened browser. Example:

9. From the URL take out the value for ‘id’ parameter (highlighted in Yellow) and replace it in following URL-<id>


That’s it you can share this new URL to anyone and they will be able to browse your website on web.

You can check my sample website hosted at: Google Drive