If you would like to share photos, files and documents with your friends without paying a penny then it is possible now to achieve it. The two problems/challenges which will be addressed here are-

  1. Send Very Large Files (2- 3 GB) to Friends
  2. Send these files for FREE

Today you have Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box and many more online storage options. You can create accounts and get FREE space for your data storage. Though different companies offer different FREE space. Dropbox offers 2 GB, Google Drive offers 5 GB, SkyDrive offers 7 GB and Box offers 5 GB of FREE online storage. But this doesn’t mean that you can upload single File or Document of 2 – 3 GB. Most of them have upload limit on file size. You can confirm the File size limit by logging into account. I have observed most of them allow single File size of approx 300 MB size for upload. It may differ little bit based on marketing strategy implemented by each of them.

Once the online storage account is created using any one of the options mentioned above, you can now upload and share File of size 2 – 3 GB using following process.

-Download a freely available application – ‘filesplitter.exe’, On web you can find lots of File splitter tools. You can download anyone which is available for free.

-You can use this tool to split the Large File into small chunks of 200 MB or 250 MB size.

-Upload these small file chunks to your online storage (Google Drive or SkyDrive or Dropbox or Box).

-The tool will create a Bat file along the File chunks which should be uploaded as well. Your friend will use this Bat file to recreate the whole File using the file chunks after downloading them.

-Online storage on Box.com allows uploading the whole Folder or Files to online storage. Later the link to this folder can be shared with your Friends to download all the File chunks and recreate the File using BAT file.

This way you can send Large Files to your Friends for Free and maximum utilize online Free Storage.

Below I have shown the screen shots to explain it in Detail-

File Splitter:


 Box.com allows single File size of 250 MB only. In the example I have tried to send 414 MB file using Box.

Provide path to find File name. Provide path where the split files will be stored on your laptop. BAT file will be created in same folder.


Start uploading to Box account (You can either upload whole Folder or Files)-


Once the files are uploaded, you can click on Share link and mail these links to your friends. They can download these File chunks and recreate the File using BAT file provided along with it.



Note: The Time taken to Upload and Download the File will depend on bandwidth and speed of your internet.