Galaxy S4 and other smartphones has two cameras – Rear and Front Camera. This is one of the best features of smartphones. People use these cameras to take best photos and videos. But you can use these cameras in different ways-

1. Use it as Mirror – If your bathroom or Dressing table mirror is broken and you don’t have time to get new mirror then no need to worry. Take your Galaxy S4 and click on Camera. Select Front Camera by clicking on icon on right top corner. It will show your Face in camera. you can use it as Mirror and comb your hair and get ready for office or party.

2. Use it as Webcam – You can use the Front Camera as Webcam camera while you make calls to your relatives and friends. You can have apps like Skype installed on Galaxy S4. Login to Skype and start a video call to your friend. Skype will use Front Camera as webcam.

3. Use it as Webcam with Laptop/Desktop- You can download IP Webcam app. You can turn your phone into wireless camera with multiple viewing options. Or you can install Droidcam apps which will work over WiFi and stream your phone’s camera output to your computer.