Every sites success depends on how fast its information reaches its users. When ever new information is added to site, the first objective is to make it available to search engines especially Google. There are different ways to add web pages to Google Search Engine.

1. Create Google account and use Webmaster tools to add sitemap after verifying your site. This way Googlebot will crawl through the new pages and index them.

2. Another easier way is to add the URL of the new web page directly to search engine. This page will be added to To Do list of Google bot and it will get indexed faster. The Web Page URL can be added to http://www.google.com/submityourcontent/website-owner/
Click on “add your URL” link on this page and login using Google account. This way page will be indexed faster.

3. Another way is to use Webmaster Tools feature of “Fetch as Google”. After logging into Webmaster Tools –>Click Crawl–> Fetch as Google, Add the Web URL and Fetch and Submit to Index. [Note: Though  “Fetch as Google” tool is to see a page as Google sees it but once Googlebot successfully fetches your page, you can submit that page to the Google index. Just click Submit to Google index.]