Google Docs web applications provide functionality using which you can import HTML Web page data into Google spreadsheet. Its very simple. Not only you can import data but also translate that data into any language. This can be achieved this by using Google Functions – ImportHTML and GoogleTranslate.

Step to import Web Data into Google spreadsheet

ImportHTML is Google spreadsheet formula which imports the data in a particular table or list from an HTML page.

– Open a new spreadsheet in Google Docs

-Let’s say you want to import data from one of the Hindi language site (spoken in India).

-Enter following formula in spreadsheet cell-


You can provide index number as 1, 2 or 3 if you know the data is in which table on the web page.

When you click Enter, Google Docs will instantly import the table data (in Hindi) from the site into your current sheet.

Steps to Translate Web Data into Different Languages

GoogleTranslate function translates text in the specified range from the source language into the target language.

– Enter following formula in Next spreadsheet cell-

-No need to provide ‘Source Language’ and ‘Target Language’ because it automatically identifies the language of the source text and translates into a language based on your locale settings.

When you click Enter, Google Docs will instantly translate the cell value. Then you can drag the formula from G1 to I8 so that all the cells data is translated. You will be surprised that translation is quite accurate.

So far the translation functionality appears good. But there is funny side of it.

Check the below translation¬† of English language data into Hindi language data. Language code for Hindi is ‘hi’ and for English it is ‘en’.

Check the RED highlighted translation of English Movies Names.

Bottom line is software can help to some extent. Still it would need expert of that language to confirm that the translation is right and meaningful.