How to make sure whether a Website is Safe to Surf

You browse many websites daily looking for information or just for passing time. Lots of links that swamp you daily are either shared by friends or received through mails. How to be sure that these links are not nefarious attempt to steal your data using malicious code. Here are some tips to make sure the website and its data which you are going to browse is safe to surf.

You can use various services which verify the website and provide ratings. These services analyse the website for safety and security problems. You get immediate report on any computer threats, whether website is listed as suspicious or any malicious software downloaded or uploaded or distributed from the site.

1. Norton Safe Web: Scan the website you want to surf and it will report any computer threats or identity threats found. You can even review community comments for the site. If you own a site then you can register your site and get ratings for your site.


2. Safe Browsing: Google provides Safe Browsing service that checks the website against Google’s updated list of suspected phishing and malware pages. Just add the website you want to verify to this URL to get the report-


3. Unmask Parasites: Unmask Parasites is a simple online web site security service that helps reveal _hidden_illicit content (parasites) that hackers insert into benign web pages using various security holes.

Internet is sea of information. Be safe while browsing websites. Updates your comments on other reliable services which help safe surfing.