How to fix Error 39: Unable to import Certificate

You are trying to import certificate provided by your client or IT to get access to network through VPN but you get error 39: Unable to import Certificate, when you hit import button-


There are lots of different reasons for getting this error-

1. It could be user permissions problem where the user trying to import the certificate does not have permissions to do so. Make sure user has proper permissions to import the certificate.

2. The certificate could be having problems or corrupt. Confirm whether import is working on any other Cisco VPN client.

3. The reason which I faced was different. The certificate was provided by our client. He provided steps to import it. But the contents of the certificate were stripped by mail server on incoming mails. When we tried to open the certificate it showed following-

“This attachment was removed.”

Please verify the certificate and check that it has proper content in it. Once we got the proper content the certificate imported with no issues.