We live in 4 dimensional world. We all know 3 dimensions (x, y and z). 4th Dimension is Time which is regarded as dimension of space-time. We need these 4 dimensions to confirm the position of any event or object (x,y,z,t). Out of these 4 dimensions, Time is the dimension considered as flowing one. Common notion is that Time is something which continuously ‘flows’ relentlessly.


How did Time come in existence. Has anybody seen Time.  We use Time to tell when I was born, when I got married or when I graduated etc. Each of these events are mentioned by some day, month and year. Einstein said – “It appears to me, therefore, the formation of the concept of the material object must precede our concept of time and space”.

Empty space will be three dimensional but space with matter would need 4 dimensions for correct representation of object. Time exists because of motion of matter. If all matter in space ceases to move, the temperature will be Zero. No electron spinning or orbiting the nuclei will lead to no elements and without any element there will be no material. As there is no event happening so Time is not required. Actually Time does not exist and it can’t be measured. Time is relativity of two events. Without events, Time has no meaning.

We use Time to compare the frequencies. Why the event of matter in motion can’t be assessed by some other way (other than time). May be every event has something else which makes it unique from any other event. So far we use Time to assess the relativity of events.

This gives rise to another question-

Is Past, Present and Future different or same moment?





Robert F. Beck, The True Meaning of Time, March 2012