How to Upload Joomla DB larger than 50 MB into MySQL Database

All web host cPanel PhpMyAdmin allow to take backup of Joomla DB of huge size even bigger than 50MB. But if you want to restore the same DB back into MySQL, the cPanel PhpMyAdmin has a limit of 50MB for database upload. This could be frustrating sometimes when you are moving your site to new web host server or for some reason you have to restore the good backup. For a database of that size you can restore it using MySQL Workbench. This article will provide detailed steps using which you can upload large (greater than 50MB) Joomla DB into MySQL without needing any support from your web host. You can find more information about MySQL Workbench at You can download and install MySql Workbench from If you use MySQL Workbench you will need to connect to the database remotely.

Steps to Upload Joomla DB larger than 50 MB into MySQL Database

1.  You must know the IP address from where you plan to access the remote MySQL DB; you can find this at numerous sites, such as

2. To Enable Remote Remote MySQL Management in cPanel-   Log in to your cPanel Account. In the Databases section, click Remote MySQL.

3. In the Host field, enter the IP address (from Step 1) from where you want to access your databases. Click Add Host.

4.  Now launch MySQL workbench.

5. Go to Menu–>Database–>Connect to Database, provide

hostname: Your site domain name

username: DB user name

Password: DB user password

6. This will connect to your MySQL DB remotely and will show all the available DBs.

7. Use Data Import / Restore option to upload your DB. You can upload Joomla DB larger than 50MB using this method.

Note: After completion of DB upload you can remove your IP from Remote MySQL to be on safer side.