Send Large File Online

In general Gmail and other email clients don’t allow users to send and receive attachment files of size more than 5 MB or so. Even on Drop box or online storage you can’t send large file. WeTransfer is the best option to send, receive and share large and very large files (upto 2GB size on Free account) to anyone. A free WeTransfer user can send a file upto 2 GB size.

WeTransfer is a free online web based application that allows you to send very large file(s) to anyone. You do not need to register for the free WeTransfer account. Using WeTransfer, one can not only send very large files but also receive and share those large files. You can upload 2GBs per transfer. You can repeat this process again and again and again. You can send files to up to 20 people per transfer using free website. Your files are available for 7 days when using free service account.

3 Reasons why you should use this utility to transfer files-

1.  Supersized uploads: Send Very Large File to Friends. Upload files upto 2GB size as many times.

2. Password Protected Transfers: You can send files using password protection. Though this feature is available only with WeTransfer Plus.

3. Long Term Storage: You can store the file long time (7 days for Free account).

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Sending file is very easy now:

– Go to

– Click on the + sign and add the files you want to send.

– Type in the email address of the person you’re sending the files to.

– Type in your own email address.

– Write a short message, if you want.

Then simply hit the transfer button and you’re done.
It’s simple, secure and free of charge.