This code will help in to read and write excel file using com server.

Sample Excel:


# How to read exel file with win32com
# This code will help you to read, write and save exiting excel.

import win32com.client
from win32com.client import Dispatch

xl = win32com.client.Dispatch('Excel.Application')
wb = xl.Workbooks.Open("C:\\Users\\XYZ\\Documents\\Sample.xlsx")

#Get number of sheets in excel document
getNumSheet = wb.Worksheets.count
print 'Number of sheets : ',getNumSheet

#Get name of active sheet 
getSheetName = wb.Activesheet.Name
print 'Active sheet name : ',getSheetName

#read all the cells of active sheet as instance
readData = wb.Worksheets('Data')
allData = readData.UsedRange
print 'Data on selected sheet : ',allData

# Get number of rows used on active sheet
getNumRows = allData.Rows.Count
print 'Number of rows used in sheet : ',getNumRows

#Get number of columns used on active sheet
getNumCols = allData.Columns.Count
print 'Number of columns used in sheet : ',getNumCols

# Read specific cell on active sheet
readCell = allData.Cells(1,2)
print 'Data on specific cell : ',readCell

# Write on empty cell of active sheet
writeData = wb.Worksheets('Data')
writeData.Cells(2,2).Value = 'Cell B2'

# Overwrite on cell of active sheet
writeData.Cells(3,2).Value = ''

# Add color to sheet name and background
sheet = wb.Worksheets.Item('Data')
sheet.Tab.Color = 255

# Save excel doc
# Save As current excel doc

xl = None


Number of sheets :  2
Active sheet name :  Data
Data on selected sheet :  ((u'Name', u'Age'), (u'Mark', u'Cell A5'), (u'Adam', None), (u'Jack', 20.0), (u'Subu', 38.0))
Number of rows used in sheet :  5
Number of columns used in sheet :  2
Data on specific cell :  Age