You can access your S3 bucket and its data via Postman using RestAPI. Make sure you have a IAM user created with access to S3 bucket and its objects (atleast AmazonS3ReadOnlyAccess policy assigned). Make sure to have users security credentials noted – Access Key and Secret Access Key. Follow the simple steps to access the data:

>> Verfiy IAM user and its access policy

>>Make sure Access_Key and Secret_Access Key are noted. You have to generate new Access Key if Secret was not saved.

>>I have created a S3 bucket “accessbucketobjectdata” in us-east-2 region. Also uploaded a file into this bucket by name “Test_Message.csv“. Now open Postman and create a Get request. The URL to access this csv file data will have aws region, bucket and file name in it.

>>Now add Authorization parameter values, Select “AWS Signature” under Type drop-down, then provide the AccessKey, SecretKey, AWS Region and Service Name values and Save the request

>>Click Send button and it will show the content of the .csv file as below-