If you are using AWS SSO then you can designate which users and groups have SSO access to AWS accounts in your AWS organization. You can also manage permission sets to control the users’ level of access to these AWS accounts.

The user portal offers a single place to access all their assigned AWS accounts and applications. To access the AWS account or Applications, user logs into user portal.

SSO user gets link to connect to Management console and Command line or programmatic access as shown


Now open Visual Studio. Make sure you have installed extension “AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

Go to View Menu –> AWS explorer

Click on edit profile icon (middle one). Enter the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key values in this pop-up from the above shown Command line or programmatic access screen and Account Number. Click OK.



When you try accessing any data, it will throw error “The security token included in the request is invalid“.


This happens because the AWS SSO user is not IAM user. The access to AWS resources is based on ROLE assigned to the user. You have to use “aws_session_token” value to connect. There is no way to provide this information in Visual studio UI.

So work around is to open the file

C:\Users\<your USERNAME>\.aws\credentials

It will have entries like below-


You have to add aws_session_token value as copied from Command line or programmatic access screen. 

After the update the entry will look like this-



Now save the file and restart the Visual Studio. This time the AWS resource will be accessible. There is a catch. The session token will expire after some time depending on the session expiry set for the ROLE in AWS SSO.


Another way is to replace the full content of C:\Users\<your USERNAME>\.aws\credentials by OPTION 2 value from Command line or programmatic access screen. It will look like this

aws_access_key_id = ASIAREM6VOLT7
aws_secret_access_key = Zw9Kg57RvzoKZ26uSY0me
aws_session_token = AgoJb3JpZ2luX2VjEN7//////////wEaDmFwLXqYx5HpkhRWtm0MQH9CJH4n

Now open the Visual studio and select the profile “AWS_FullAccess” to connect to AWS.