Just saw the documentary ‘Chariots of the Gods’. It was made in 1970’s by  Erich Von Daniken. This documentary can be viewed on youtube. One of the focus point of this documentary is to collate data from all parts of world and then try to conclude whether ever anyone visited Earth from outer space. After viewing the video and the facts which are shown in this documentary I still wonder for the following points which are not clear-

1. Why alien life always made structures out of stones or mountains? If they were way ahead of us at that time then why metal structures were not built by these alien life. They were visiting Earth using spaceships. We know now that space ship can’t be built by stones or wood. It definitely needs special metallic/fibre structure to sustain the dynamics of space. If they had sophisticated spaceship then why not a single structure is found which is not made out of stone.

2. We have proof that there are alien made structures which are submerged in water now. I don’t think there is any evidence which proves that these alien lives made structures on water/sea. We have technology using which humans can make huge structures in Sea then why aliens could not do so if they had space technology tens of thousands year back.

3. Aliens are shown wearing oxygen masks which our astronauts do while going to space. When on Earth we don’t use these masks then why most of the paintings and structures show these aliens with masks on. This just indicates that they were not using Oxygen for their survival. May be they inhaled some other gas not available in Earth’s atmosphere.

Overall the video is informative about the different types of structures found around the world which connects us with the history of Earth.