How to Delete Perflib Perfdata log files from TEMP Folder

Before deleting these files you should know what these files are all about. Perflib Perfdata stands for Performance Library and Performance Data, which collects and organizes data for performance tools, such as System Monitor. These log files are created by the processes in normal course of operations. These are deleted when the process is stopped properly. Log files are left orphaned if computer is shutdown abruptly without stopping the processes gracefully.

These log files are found in different folder paths depending upon whether it is Windows XP, Win 7 or Windows 2000 etc.

On Windows 2000, the files with the name Perflib_Perfdataxxx.dat may accumulate under the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder, where xxx is a random number.

Windows XP creates those files to collect performance data and keeps them open as long as it runs.  All of the older log files can be safely deleted after a restart. The below steps will help you get past the “Error Deleting File or Folder” message from today’s log files to remove all the other files from the Temp folder.

Steps to Delete log files:

1. Go to View menu and choose Details.

2. In the View menu choose Arrange Icons by and then slide right to select Modified. This will sort the files in the Temp folder by date. You can now easily see the files with time stamps of today.

3. Select all the files OTHER then today’s Date time stamp.

4. Delete all the files.

You should be able to delete all the log files created before the most recent restart of computer.